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Mauro Moriconi focuses his interest on various themes, such as the urban landscape, nature, plastic elements and the different faces and moods of the human being. In a broader sense, it focuses on contrasts, linked above all to good and evil, to the past and the present, to tradition and modernity.
The human figures, often transfigured through artistic reminiscence and placed in contexts where nature has been manipulated with the introduction of industries, houses, monuments, always raises the question of the function of man in the world, of his creative force, but also of its destructive power. Contrasts are therefore provocation and act as a stimulus for a constant questioning about our future reality. What will our future world be like? What will happen to animals and vegetation? What about our food? What will happen to our ability to reproduce? This is what Moriconi's photos suggest. An artistic commitment that reveals a sensitive attention to issues such as the environment and pollution.
Thus, he uses digital photography, enriched with precious engravings that enhance the lights and shadows of each visual element, in order to re-create possible future scenarios and give a hypothetical answer, tracing a personal, surreal way to re-interpret the world, imagining it through a visionary gaze that filters common fears, anxieties and uncertainties. Despite the critical message behind his works and the ambiguity in which some elements are combined, his images convey a sense of extraordinary balance and calm beauty. The interaction between man and nature represented by Moriconi is able to awaken new meanings and new situations, and raises doubts about a possible solution. The ghost of great and impending change hovers over his photos and unleashes the viewer's imagination, challenging him to become involved in this endeavor of prophecy and voyance.


Paola Martini

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