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An extreme brightness is emanated by works whose realization focuses on a careful analysis that the artist Mauro Moriconi manages in a completely personal way, working on unusual supports, such as stainless steel sheet, bringing back images that are the result of decompositions sometimes taken from the internet and reworked using the computer.


The young artist Moriconi passed from his first works focused on the dècollage technique which he deepened in 2003 by attending the studio of the master Rotella, focusing his works on personalities of the American jet set, let's think of the series of ephemeral automatic princesses.


With the personal LUMINOSCENCE, on the other hand, we are witnessing a stylistic growth of this promising artist, a renewal if we also want to say ideological, he presents two different hemispheres, distant by nature of belonging, on the one hand the inanimate world of circuits, where everything is inserted into its own mechanism representing a high and powerful perfection, we speak of the Sice series, on the other the feminine and more vulnerable world personified by an unprecedented Marylin.


The sensation that is felt by observing the works does not translate into a striking contrast but there is an implicit harmony, almost a logical thread that the artist uses as a binder between the two series, we observe that within the cycle dedicated to Marylin small details are inserted, the circuits that take the place of feminine accessories, or inserted inside a photographic lens.

Moriconi feels the constant need to experiment with new techniques but also new expressive languages ​​and therefore does not interpret the usual Marylin, but a graceful model of glossy covers, caught in glamorous poses, made more contemporary, closer to our modern and at the same time magical life for the charm it transmits.


Emanuela Orsini

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