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Fabrication in lieu of reality? Reproduction disjuncted from purpose? Dismissal and blurring of perceived "natural" elements...Mauro Moriconi"s My Plastic Japan is just that.

In a technologically overwrought society production continues blindly and unregulated. Through the discussion of the natural and nature Moriconi exposes the deception of such technological advances through their inherent uselessness and false importance that is social media. Through media magnates and their creation of a need the world now hinges on the accelerated addictiveness of the rush to betterment. Japan sets the perfect stage for such turcite coated discussions.

Moriconi in essence retells the story of The Emperor's New Clothes.He points out the foolishness behind the aggressive courting of Utopia-chasing science. He shows us the illegitimacy behind the mantra of indispensability and likens it to nothing more than the promises of a snake charmer's elixir.

What we are encouraged to believe as advances are nothing more than distractions that mire our understanding of our true evolutionary goals. Ironically Moriconi uses technology itself to self inflict judgment.

Through obvious manipulation to more clandestine articles of sublimation Moriconi questions and plasticizes our own perceptions of a world unbridled.

CATM Chelsea, New York City, NY - Jan 2012 - Solo Exhibition "My Plastic Japan"

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