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La Llorona


La Llorona is a series of nine photographs, taken in 2017, which revolve around the homonymous figure of the crying woman, a sort of ghost, a mythical character whose events are wrapped in a rich and varied folklore that runs throughout Latin America. According to oral tradition, it is presented as the soul of a woman in pain who has killed, or perhaps only lost, her son and whom fate condemns to an eternal search. The intent of the artist from Lucca is to reconstruct a narrative of the myth, to grasp the human aspect of a creature whose essence is pain, pure tragedy. The cemetery, a dilapidated dwelling, the dense shadows of a tree-lined avenue herald a death that takes place, consoling and pacifying, in the waters of a Baroque fountain. The chromatism, the cult of mythology, the attention to exquisitely symbolic details - the flowers, the cross, the ex-voto - and the female portrait are the stylistic features of a skilful reinterpretation of the pre-Raphaelite portraits of the mid-19th century.


Paola Martini

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