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A journey through the eternal abode of the damned, in which the observer is dragged into the scene where the intriguing invitation to immerse himself in the gloomy atmosphere of the afterlife leads him to identify directly with the illustrious figure of the Supreme Poet. The series of works created by Mauro Moriconi focuses on the permeated conjugation between traditional themes and contemporary expression, thus updating the concept of the entire studio.

The artist's research wants to show the afterlife in its totality, starting from Limbo to arrive at a humanized representation of Lucifer, as if to declare that it can probably be seen even in the cracks of our own plane of existence thanks to the 'enveloping succession of decaying interiors, incomplete construction sites and long corridors. In fact, as a peculiar trait of the photographer's previous flourishing artistic production, the analysis of the scenography, usually decontextualized and timeless, proves essential; the fulcrum of Mauro Moriconi's expressive ability lies in the eccentric synergy that he establishes with extreme naturalness between subject, action and background. In this regard, one could reflect on the veiled role that nature plays; with the help of its elements it is taking back what is due to it, claiming this ineluctable right also in relation to the very life of the human being.

The scarce energies with which the tormented are forced to serve their pains in a marked affliction do not prevent them from hinting at some feeble movement, sometimes instinctively angry, however an end in itself and condemned to a perpetual and restricted dynamism always replicated, since the evasion cannot and must not be contemplated; the thresholds present in the crumbling scenarios have the exclusive function of a solemn entrance with which the last vain hope of salvation must inexorably dissolve.


Niccolò Fragiacomo

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